Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Onboard PiP

Okay, here's another fun video. It's been months since I've last posted a video but then it has almost been months since I've done any RC-ing. So here's this one.
Since I'm in Fort Smith about once a month, I decided to look for a track and found a nice little one to run on. They have races weekly and other than during the race, the track is open for anyone (for free even). It was a ton of fun to actually race on a track. I remember people running on an indoor track at RC/RC when I was really young and wanted to try it sometime. Now about 15 years later, I finally got to.
I didn't enter the races because of some other things but the people at River Valley were really nice and very fun to talk to and race with. I won't go into detail about it since most of the banter on here is usually about the video.
This video is something I have always wanted to do and finally got around to. I had to have the right software (Norrkross Movie did it for me) and the video capability to do it. I finally got around to finding the right software in a nice little package from MacUpdate and also finally got around to getting the right "equipment" to take the other video. Here's a picture of the setup for the not onboard video.

Pretty interesting huh? It's call the hat cam, kind of like referees in the NFL I guess but less sophisticated. I got the idea from a guy on an r/c airplane forum where they do some aerial video.
The video turned out well. I had only run about 5 laps before I felt confident enough to run around without ruining the camera on the VXL so I headed out. I took it a little easy and didn't go as fast as I could run to protect the camera. That didn't stop me from accidents but I had some protection as well to save the camera. I didn't get any video of me or others racing afterwards because I ran out of battery on my hat cam but maybe next time we are out in Fort Smith. One interesting note is the $80 camera on my head takes video in HD. Amazing huh? I lose a little quality because I convert the initial video from an avi to mp4 because of some silly header file that causes me grief and then there's a little compression when I export the video and then once more, there is a little compression when it's uploaded but surprisingly, it's not that bad even online.
Anyway, the video was shortened to not take your whole life.

Length: 2:49

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quick Update

Okay, so I've been slacking off a bit on the hobby stuff but I have a good master's research. Anyway, I did make two recent changes. First I changed the template but more importantly, I changed my videos over from Google Video to Vimeo and that has made quite a difference. The videos are much better quality and less compressed so you can see it almost as if it was the actual file loaded on your computer.
I also have a new camera I've been wanting to try out for months now and I may get a chance soon so when I get my good video I have been planning for months, I'll definitely post it soon. Stay tuned!