Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stay Tuned...

Okay, this isn't much and it's not even a good picture but it's what's in store for the near future. Since the wind is an issue here in Oklahoma during the day, sometimes you have to resort to other means to fly. Enjoy!

Friday, May 2, 2008

First Flight with the e-Logger

This is the last old one that I have so be ready for new ones and they come! Hopefully, I can get one out every week or two but who knows. You might use that atom thing at the bottom of the blog to get updates if you're really interested. It's fun to see that people have been checking the blog periodically.

This is with the logger that I got for Christmas. You can't see the logger on it in the video but it allows me to keep track of various parameters like the voltage on my battery, the current pulled, a few parameters based on the two, two different temperature sensors, and the altitude. I had an air speed sensor but I thought it wasn't really worth it and never tried it before I returned it.

The video is pretty boring. I even missed getting the landing on video so that makes it even more boring. If you don't want to watch it, I understand. It is interesting to see though the altitude I was flying at so you can check that out. While the video was going, I only got up to about 140 feet. After I took the camera off, I got to about 420 feet though.

Here's a shot of what the logger said my flight was like. I'll just show the elevation as that's the only one that will make sense to most people. Here it is.

I would say enjoy this time like most others but I don't think many would really enjoy this video. The take-off was probably my best one yet as there was almost no wind though which was really nice.


Length: 5:12

In the Institute

Again, an older video since it's too windy to really fly right now.

This is inside the institute after I did a little presentation that involved using my helicopter. It's the first video I've taken from the heli so I was interested to see how it turned out. Luckily, everything went well, even after my little mishap. I got turned around and lost orientation in the small area I was in.



Length: 2:22

Cowpies in Missouri

This is a video I took over Thanksgiving while at my in-laws home. It was really cold outside but a lot of fun. I had so much space to fly around in!
It's not the most interesting video so I cut it down a little and put something new into it that's never been done in any of my videos! If you get bored, I don't blame you.

Here are the pictures I also took while I flew around. Some were from separate flights. I tried to get up pretty high and did an okay job I suppose.



Length: 3:10

Football from Above

Here's another older video. It was taken at the marching band practice fields while some people from church were playing football. The flying area wasn't too big so I didn't get nice shots like I had hoped but it still turned out well. It was fun flying around and then anticipation what the video and pictures would look like. It wasn't quite like I had hoped but they still turned out to be pretty good.
The pictures I took from a separate camera can be found here.




Length: 5:31

Thursday, May 1, 2008

High Flying

Here's another older one from November when we had great weather. I got way up high while I was flying around. It was a lot of fun. I didn't get quite as high as another time I went flying where the altimeter said I was close to 1000 feet but it's still pretty high. Hopefully I can get a chart of my altitude on another post I do later. We'll see.
Here's what a picture from my flight when I went up close to 1000 feet.

And here's another.



Length: 3:26

Parachuters Again

Okay, this is another old one but it's pretty good. I actually had the ability to get commentary on this to overlay with it. Pretty neat huh?
There's nothing too much to explain except that after the parachutes drop and we go to the guys, it's pretty shaky. Too bad the hacked CVS cameras don't have an anti-vibration setting. Oh well.


Length: 2:55

Flying at Dusk

Okay, now here's a string of older clips I have that I never had a chance to edit to post up but with most of my finals over, I have some time! Here' s a clip of my flying around the apartment around dusk. It's kind of a nice and relaxing flight. I cut out some of the jerky clips to make it easier to watch.


Length: 2:51