Friday, May 2, 2008

First Flight with the e-Logger

This is the last old one that I have so be ready for new ones and they come! Hopefully, I can get one out every week or two but who knows. You might use that atom thing at the bottom of the blog to get updates if you're really interested. It's fun to see that people have been checking the blog periodically.

This is with the logger that I got for Christmas. You can't see the logger on it in the video but it allows me to keep track of various parameters like the voltage on my battery, the current pulled, a few parameters based on the two, two different temperature sensors, and the altitude. I had an air speed sensor but I thought it wasn't really worth it and never tried it before I returned it.

The video is pretty boring. I even missed getting the landing on video so that makes it even more boring. If you don't want to watch it, I understand. It is interesting to see though the altitude I was flying at so you can check that out. While the video was going, I only got up to about 140 feet. After I took the camera off, I got to about 420 feet though.

Here's a shot of what the logger said my flight was like. I'll just show the elevation as that's the only one that will make sense to most people. Here it is.

I would say enjoy this time like most others but I don't think many would really enjoy this video. The take-off was probably my best one yet as there was almost no wind though which was really nice.

Length: 5:12