Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Slow Stick with 'Chute

This is my first video with my Slow Stick. I had taken all my previous videos with my Stryker. For more information, you can check out the equipment section.
This is a very slow plane hence the name Slow Stick. The Stryker can get up to 80mph but the SS is closer to about 25mph or so. I don't know the exact speed but it's probably even slower that that.
I put this plane together after we got back from Tucson to start school and had a fun time putting it together. I didn't want to just fly though and wanted to be able to do things with it, even for kids and other events so I put together a little contraption and was able to drop things from it. It had to be pretty light so I could take it up without folding the wings together so I mainly take up army men with parachutes. That's where the 'chute came from in the title.
Around 0:45, you should see two little army men parachuting to the ground. It made for a fun video. I hope to one day take some plastic Easter eggs up with some flour it in and get video of my little bombs exploding on impact. My sister said that people might think it's anthrax or something so I shouldn't do it but I doubt people are that paranoid. I'll definitely get it up as soon so I do it though.
I have about 5 or 6 more aerial videos to edit and eventually get posted but I haven't gotten around to it with school. It just takes time to get it just right. Maybe I'll put some music to it as well and see how people like it although I prefer hearing the motor and wind instead.
Remember, your comments and ideas will be taken into account for a future video!

Length: 3:05